September 08, 2005

Egypt's Margin of Democracy

Hosni Mubarak chose to give the Egyptian people a menu of unknowns in the form of presidential candidates when he restricted the election eligibility to political parties, parties that he personally approves and licenses, parties that he and his National Democratic Party have oppressed and trimmed down for years, and in the process eliminated Egyptian's right to get viable candidates.

Mubarak is and will remain the dominant candidate for the presidency not because Mubarak has been the best thing that happened to Egypt since the river Nile! Mubarak was is and will remain in power because Mubarak chooses so!

I write today about popular distortions found on opposition, government and independent Egyptian media:

Mubarak has been positive while other candidates built their campaign on attacking Mubarak's rule..
Mubarak has access to numbers and true statistics (I hope) while no other Egyptian let alone presidential candidate has ever been given believable statistics. Mubarak is holding the wallet while others are only guessing what's in his pockets, Mubarak has an army of government employees that can and will draw forecasts and plans that will never be made available to others, if you are a presidential candidate all you have to build on are complaints, accordingly it is natural that your slogan will be about change and promises of correcting injustices and mistakes.

Mubarak is to be thanked and congratulated for giving more freedom
As far as I know Egyptians are not born slaves to be "given" freedom by Mubarak or anyone else, it is Mubarak who took away their freedom, so obviously it is Mubarak who can give back some or all freedom, why should anyone be thankful for getting part of their birth right?
I would have been more optimistic if Mubarak's gesture was not tainted by pressure from the US of A, no one can deny it as it has been well documented and can be proven by anyone with access to a home computer!

Mubarak did not need the illegal actions by the few who were buying off voters and is not responsible for their actions.
Not true, obviously if you are the manager of thieves you are responsible for their actions, governments have been toppled or resigned for less! It reflects on your leadership abilities if you are not aware, and it poses serious questions about your honesty when your staff repeatedly forge for years and years, specially if you stand to benefit from those actions!

Mubarak is the obvious choice due to experience!
Nonsense, it took him years to master the skills needed to rule, and he gave No One the same opportunity.

It is always expected to have incidents of forgery as Egypt is new to democracy! Change has to be gradual..
What? People will go crazy if they are given the security of not being prosecuted under emergency laws? They will run naked in the streets if they are faced with 2 or more viable candidates?
It is this exact doctrine that has plagued the Egyptian minds after years of brain washing, settling for less, tolerating and expecting dishonesty are all the results of years of oppressive self serving regimes.

No one has the right to question Mubarak's financial status and the sources of his wealth.
No, Mubarak as the leader is working for the Egyptian people, he should be accountable to all Egyptians with no immunity any way you cut it, western democracy makes him accountable, Islamic rule laws makes him accountable!

Mubarak is a war hero, he is the one who planned the air strike of the 1973 war and he is more qualified to run the country.
Give him a medal and a hefty retirement bonus, throw him a party, or even build him a statue and name a major street after him, but this does not justify his ruling Egypt for 30 years! Egypt is full of war heroes living and dead, planning and overseeing a successful air strike 32 years ago is not a personal trait to qualify a presidential candidate over another in this day and age, being grateful is one thing, 30 years of mismanagement is another!

Mubarak is loved by the majority of Egyptians
Perhaps true for some, but you have to ask verses who? Who has been given the chance under Mubarak's rule to serve the people and gain their love and trust? Mubarak's rule has been actively castrating any rising candidate, aborting early any chance for competition, point and case Amr Mousa the star that was banished into the Arab League.

This blog by definition is about "Change", accordingly I congratulate the population of Egypt on tasting this "Margin of Democracy" it is exciting to think of the future for a change, and as I predicted here, I am totally ungrateful!


adjo73 said...

I've bought this book called "Arab Voices Speak to American Hearts" by Samar Dahmash Jarrah; a few weeks ago and I was facscinated by the facts that I read from ordinary Arab citizens. As an American it made me change the way I view Arabs (Muslims and Christians) in the Middle East and it also made me understand more about our foreign policy and Middle East politics.

James Fletcher Baxter said...

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