February 12, 2005

Simon Says .. or else!

I find it hilarious and bordering on the obscenely ridiculous
Simon Says Have elections (Saudi Holds Baladeya Elections)
Simon Says Make Good with Israel (Mubarak receives Sharone)
Simon Says Hold your nose
Simon Says Pay up (Gathafi pays)
Simon Says Look Busy (Iraq elects interim government)
Simon Says Stand on one Foot
Simon Says Stop Killing your own people (Sudan)
Simon Says I need a foot rest (Qatar pays for US air base)
Simon Says I need Toilet paper, many offer their hands..
Simon Says No Intifada .. No Intifada it is

Simon has been saying a lot lately, and the "or else" is too obvious, so like programmed robots, our Arab Governments are not even questioning anymore, our leader's noses are buried too deep down there to see, their view is not changing much lately, and they seldom come up for air !
I wish I was a cartoonist to paint this picture !

That was the hilarious part, as for the ridiculous, Simon is ordering basic things, legitimate rights we all crave, yet to all of us the image is so obscene and humiliating, it carries the same helpless feeling as watching your father being slapped on the face!

Want my $0.02, as soon as Simon looses interest or breath and stops "Saying", every thing will revert to "same old .. same old", what will remain will be the sour taste in our collective mouths. Simon will see us as ungrateful, we will see Simon as just another name in our list of oppressors.

For details go to my "Democracy turning to Evil" Post


Craig said...

Very thought provoking peice, although I disagree. Perhaps the U.S. is "telling" the Arab world how to act, but the routine of being oppressors is proposterous. The fact of the matter exists, this world is growing smaller, a s in communication and trade, and the Arab world needs to retire from their ancient world ideals.

This does not mean surrendering all your culture, but understanding that you can't sit idly by as change takes place. The world needs the Arab world to un efficiently. When they stop seeing the U.S., Europe, and other international communities as oppressors and rather engines for change, the outcome may be quite appealing.

Very good post, I will check back often to understand the "other side" of the story.

Dalulla said...

I don't know what to say! I respect your mind more and more every time i read more of your posts.. Begad, May you be blessed! this post is sooooo true, provactive because i as an Arab feel so bad to think we are so manipulated by the United States, although i like America very much, but still, i hate the way their government butts into all our affairs! an i get more pissed knowing we are ruled by a bunch of egoistic individuals!
Keep it going !! Your opinions are so well stated and so full of truth! Keep it going ..