November 30, 2004

Democracy turning to Evil

Although I dream of the day when there is true democracy in every Arab country, I am becoming suspicious of anyone calling for it nowadays! The "US of A" has turned the word democracy into an obscene word the day it used it to justify its ill-advised misdeeds!
"It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government, except all the others that have been tried"
Sir Winston Churchill

Right, it sure beats dictatorship, and no sane human being would turn her back to the personal rights enjoyed by every US citizen today, especially in the Arab world where the Governments and the police are justifiably feared! But as I always say "There is always a But!". And this But is a big one, it's a mistake for the US - or anyone for that matter - to become pompous (as if they invented gravity) and in the process turning off their audiance.

Then there is the famous "But Israel is a democracy" whenever our poor leaders try to justify their dreams for matching Israel's military or nuclear power, democracy my butt! This "Sole" democracy is practicing state terrorism, assassinations and genocide, not to mention its disregard for international law. If it is really a democracy, then all its actions are sanctioned by the majority of its people, and that makes the majority of voting Israeli citizens terrorists too!

No one is buying that "Trust us we are a democracy" nonsense from Israel or the US. The American vote is still terribly splintered, and what finally sells a candidate is always internal issues, so please do not ask us to buy into any of it, Arabs do not need anyone's luggage of internal issues to be added to their worries.

We observe the US famous VITO being exercised against everyone's will in the United Nations, we have seen how this true democracy advocating country is acting UNILATERALLY, we have seen how this democracy failed to result in accountability when the Iraq WMD lies were unearthed, I am yet to see the "big chief" apologizing for any of the lost lives due to his decision to go to war based on his own or other's lies.
"Whenever you have an efficient government you have a dictatorship"
Harry S Truman

And who said that the American Flavor of democracy is the only alternative for our salvation? There are many models currently being practiced successfully in Europe & Asia, also 1,400 years ago, the Arabs experienced true democracy with the birth of Islam, at a time when the rest of the world was suffering from racism, gender discrimination dictatorships and lawlessness, it was only during the past 100 years or so that women and minorities in the west started to have rights! It remains true Arabs have deviated from implementing what makes them civilized, but it is all still there..

Actually Islamic democracy combines the best of both the spiritual and material worlds, fuses their values together in a fool-proof doctrine, where the human being is empowered to do good to herself and to her society, to challenge a ruler's authority, to have a say and speak out without fear. Nevertheless, I am for an immediate "ready to wear" kind of western democracy until Islamist reconcile with their religion and themselves again.

So to sum it up, we are getting disgusted from the current American version of democracy, and it is working against our own yearn to establish just societies in the Arab World. Democracy should not be used as an excuse if you are truly advocating freedom, when human decency is contradicted with any political doctrine, it will factor into its own downfall.


Knowledge from New York, NY said...

Greetings fellow blogger. First let me commend you on so eloqently summing the total chaos known as the international scene in so many words. I do however feel the need to add a few things in there you may have not known about from over here in the nyc. Firstly, I as a New Yorker am at the epicenter of the tragedy we are all to familiar with. Everyone hates Americans and the majority of us have no understanding as to why. before i get into that, let me make all who read aware that the majority of americans that vote are republican, southern, and conservative. they take what they see on CNN as the gods honest truth and that what a anchor says is gold. Unfortunately, its only a filtered reality created by mass media and this ever encroaching gov't to essentially pull the wool over our eyes. we blindly follow what they say because they sell themselves not with the truth, but with emotion and glitz. this is why so many of my city's own were lost four years ago......because the mass ignorant public chose glitz, and we all know the extent as to which GWB's intelligence goes.

We die because of our greedy govt doesnt care enough to even tell they fucked up and were caught with their proverbial pants down.

We die because our govt cares more about keeping the top 2% of this nations population ultra rich at the expense of the rest of the world. There is no longer a middle class in america...ur either rich or working(poor)......

We die because our nation's leaders refuse to acknowledge that the relationship they hold with the nation formed from sin(israel) is not even a good ally at all. They perpetually lie to us and then the lies they tell are filtered to become worse lies that are shown to the American public and the world. Dissension against settlers in Israel is met with the hard end of a rifle or death. The palestinians deserve just as much as the israelis do, and thats the gift of life...

If we stop and think about all that is going around us in this ever shrinking world, we need to all understand one fundamental rule.....we are all far as we know, this is the life that has been GIFTED to us, and that to deny any people this gift is an act of treason against whatever god u call your own.....

i believe that if the west and mideast can understand that BOTH are being manipulated and lied to perpetually by the few men that control this superpower and its puppets, then we as a species can do what we do best. to unify against a common evil that secretly plots to destroy us all either financially, spiritually, or physically to benifit itself............

Stay Strong Egypt!!

Abdul Rahman Hilmi said...

Why do you think the alternative to democracy is dictatorship? Only Americans think that. Then again, American's think that past both their shores there is only ocean and no more lands.

If you're a Muslim why do you call for Democracy? You want to say that Islam is democratic? That's a wrong way of looking at it because in that kind of thinking, you're putting more emphasis on Democracy than Islam. You're trying to find if Islam fits in Democracy, if it is Democratic. We don't do that. The question is, is Democracy Islamic. And the answer to that would be certainly not! The freedom to do what you want as long as you do not infring of the freedom of someone else? When have ever was that Islamic? The freedom to drink, eat, dress (or the lack of it), say and do what you want is Islamic? Ofcourse not. We do allow a certain extent of freedom, but not to the extent the west take it. Islam has it's own system of government and the ruler, although elected to become a ruler, doesn't go through re-elections every 4 years or so. He's called the Khaleefa and he's the only acceptable leader in the eyes of Islamic law.