January 16, 2005

Hosni Mubarak interview on Al Arabeya TV translated

- President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, my last question, are you thinking of continuing to rule Egypt? Would you like to remain ruling?

- I want to tell you something about ruling Egypt, ruling Egypt is not a trip, not an easy matter, ruling Egypt is a very difficult matter, you have limited resources, you have a huge population, you have many demands by the people, all this makes me exert a tremendous effort, and I have established relationships with other countries, so they can help in any needed matter, as much as we can, like employing our people and other things to get resources for our people, the ruling of Egypt is not an easy matter, AND GETTING OUT OF IT IS NOT EASY, if it was up to me I wish I can rest, since my day of graduation as a junior officer to this day I have been in non-stop intensive labor, I was surprised to become vice president, when Anwar (Sadat) passed away, and we cannot leave the country, I had to take on the responsibility (presidency), and the responsibility is difficult, very difficult, also the president of Egypt is not a citizen that can go out and have fun in the streets, forget it, I don't know the roads now, yes I get driven every where, but I don't know where .. Sometimes I am surprised by what I see in Cairo, but when I go to the country-side and governorates, I am able to sometimes walk in the streets, but I meet all the people, like when I was in Aswan, I met the citizens there, in a convention, anyone could attend, we talked and I explained to them, and anyone with a question, I answer it frankly, and if the issue is sensitive I would tell them that I can't honestly answer your question, it would hurt us, if I say the truth I would be as if I am showing cards that can be used by any enemy that would strike us with it, the presidency of Egypt is a difficult matter ..

"They" did spread rumors way back, once I was told, don't hire a vice president, it will be as if - a while back someone sent me a letter - it will mean that he (vice president) will be the president of Egypt, like I was Vice President and became the president of Egypt, but it was my circumstances that it happened this way.
They say the president is preparing his son (for presidency), I am not preparing my son, my son is looking after problems, my son is helping me, like Chirac's daughter is helping him (Jack Chirac), it's not a problem, also for one to be the president of Egypt, it is by the will of the people, if the people don't want you, there is nothing you can do, and if the people want you, you will not be able to leave, not easily, I can do like "some" and say I am leaving, there will be an uprising and demonstrations and destruction (of public property) and then I say I will stay, I don't like to commit such "inappropriate" acts, I am serious man in my work, I work from the morning till bed time, every day, every day, people's problems, I hear stuff ..

- Do you have time to see your grand children ?
- "By the way" a little when I am free
The End
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The above is a Word for Word translation of president Hosni Mubarak's answer to the last question in an interview on Al Arabeya TV broadcasted on January 16th 2005
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barkingboy said...

Is it me or do I feel I'm getting alot of bull out of this guy? All this rubbish .. did he honestly say something useful?! over 500 words and not one useful point. How can you NOT hate him?!