December 31, 2004

Optimism when all else fails

Happy new year, and may 2005 be everything 2004 failed to be.

The Arab media struggled hard and failed to end 2004 on a positive note, the year has been a disaster on every level, and for every interviewer asked, none could see any light at the end of the tunnel, looks as if the Arab world is still falling with no bottom in sight, accordingly the natural thing for this pissed Arab is to forecast the light and seek the bottom !

I will never forget a friend called Huwaida, sort of an ambassador of human kindness & purity condensed in a tiny package, one day I was sitting alone feeling bad about a grade, she sat next to me and started humming the "Don't worry be happy" song, which was her personal anthem really ! She asked me if it was that bad, I nodded yes, then without asking why I was so blue she asked "Can it get any worse?" I looked up to her and said no, she did not need to talk anymore, her point was made, somehow in our internal black box there exists a ray of light, when all is getting lost, it is guaranteed that hope is being born somewhere, it is our job to seek this hope, it is our responsibility to hang on to it and use it to lift us when we are down.

Do not get me wrong, this Arab is still very very pissed, but that in no way means that we have to live the doom and gloom mood, being pissed is a form of optimism, when you have high expectations that's how you get pissed, so lets see, what do we have to feel good about?

1) Human Nature
Every morning you wake up a fresh new person, whose soul is cleansed and ready to take on a new day, its up to you to make it good or bad, every morning celebrates the rebirth of new ideas, solutions, and new energy.

2) Loved Ones
In the middle of life's turmoil you are guaranteed to have someone who loves you, sticks to you for the good and bad, pats your back when you have the hiccups .. you get the point !

3) The cyclic nature of things
It had been scientifically proven that after every night there is sunrise, every tyrant has an end, every aggressor gets flushed into history's septic tank, you are just there for the ride, so after you have done your best - I mean it, first do your best - sit back and watch things unwind.. Remember the line in Jurassic Park "Nature finds a way"

4) Memory
Whatever is nagging your life today is guaranteed to be a faint memory in few years, we all have this amazing gift called amnesia, factor this into your daily worries, and don't allow any of them to ruin a moment of happiness, for that would be your real loss.
Nothing in our whole existence can compare to a parent's loss of a child, and amazingly, I have seen mothers smiling and even laughing years after the death of their children, they did not forget, but time is the best healer. I don't think any of your problems could even compare to theirs, and lets not forget humanity's ability to forgive too..

5) You are not alone
You are not the only one with problems, and amazingly it makes humans feel better when they realize that someone has it worse!!

I will end it here before I have to rename this Blog to something more cuddly and mushy
Anyway, it is rumored that Bobby McFerrin the artist that sang "Don't worry be happy" committed suicide!
Have a good year.

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