August 26, 2005

Hosni Mubarak's overdue retirement

Could someone please tell Hosni Mubarak that he is not only embarrassing himself, but he is embarrassing all Egyptians in his elections statements.
When he goes on public record with statements like: Egypt cannot afford to go to war, Egyptians will not find food, drink and services if they go to war ..
This is defeatism to say the least, where is the dignity and pride in being an Egyptian, a country that if managed well can not only feed itself, but can feed the whole Arab world!
Where is the Army that has the lion's share of the Egyptian annual budget?
Mr. Mubarak, Egyptians can and will surprise you.
Another Elections promise is to double the salaries of government employees!!
Is Egypt going to borrow more money to cover this?
Have those employees reached their optimum number and efficiency in productivity? And even if yes, is it wise to overburden the rest of the population ? Can Egypt afford it?
What are the repercussions and how will this reflect on prices?
He will create millions of jobs.. Yeah Right!
He will give away lands.. Whose Land ?
Then what were you doing in the past 24 years? Giving Egyptians telephones that work and new sewer systems? If my grandmother (God rest her soul) was in power she would have achieved more! If Egypt was under foreign occupation it would have seen more progress!!
This is all highly embarrassing, resist the urge to remain in power, be the first Egyptian president to resign, get out alive for a change, stop humiliating yourself and all Egyptians, Please!


EXzombie said...

do u wan't the truith or not...
did u hear the other candidates....!!!
one had this strange urge to force the gulf countries to pour oil in the egyptian pockets, and even go to threaten them by force.....!!!

the other talking about having the world cup prodcasted to every home...!!!

rice and fish, meat, bread.....!!!

dude at least husni is honest, do u actually think that egypt has the power to indure war against any one.....!!!
no mony, no welth, billions of debts, no refunds but the suice and from tourism (fifi 3abdo)....!!!
the problem is not in husni he's doing what the people wan't....
remember dureing the summer of 2002, when the people enraged because they couldn't see the world cup matches, and what did they do....
they took from kuwait 1 million k.d. and gave it to A.R.T. ....?!?!
so tell me wich is important to u a match on the tele or food....?!?!

best of luck to u

MPH said...

from kira zalan

The most important part of this quasi-election are the long-term consequences. Tarek Atia brilliantly notes that the election logo that has become “a permanent fixture on [national] channels… may change things. Intentional or not, the flag immediately attracts young children. “What is that?” they ask their parents. The typical response would probably be much like what Kamelia Hamed told her son when he asked, that the flag is part of the election campaign, which is a process by which the public chooses their leader from among several candidates.

In that simple exchange, a revolution of sorts has already occurred.

Dalulla said...

Why is there an election in the first place? This is what i really do not understand. He's staying. I guess that the change has to come by hard work from prominent Egyptians leading businesses and so forth. THe courty as you mentioned if managed properly can, not only provide for its people but for others. Egypt has lots of resources if used properly and if the wealth of the country is properly used.

Abd Rabena,
Ok, Mubarak is honest ya seedy, but what then???? We want this to be an active honesty in the form of proper output for the well being of the citizens. Wala eih??

Abdul Rahman Hilmi said...

First of all, I'm not an Egyptian but as an Arab, what's happening in Egypt really comes to no surprise. Who in their right mind actually thinks that Mubarak is doing what the people want? Like al 2a'7 1PA said, Egypt used to feed the whole Arab world. Where is it now? Are the Egyptians any less than they were back in the khilafah? No, ofcourse not. They are the same people they ever were. Is it the land? Again no. If anything, maybe the Nile river is more polluted but that will always go back to miss-management by the government. It is the government that's responsible. The country that used to feed the whole Arab world cannot even feed itself today. The only difference between today and those good old days is the rulers and the systems the people are being ruled by.
ya3ni walahi baz3al when I hear an Arab defending his ruler. Those Arab rulers betrayed not only their people and their country, but rabuhum 2u deenhom. iza kaan 3anduhum deen that is.