March 07, 2005

Stop Rubbing - The tip of the volcano

1400 years ago, Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him (PBH) and 317 of his followers went against 950 infidels, the Moslems had only 3 horses while the infidels had around 100, at a time when a horse was the equivalent of today's tank. Outnumbered one to three, the Moslems came out victorious, not by a miracle of God or any supernatural intervention, it was by pure belief in what they were fighting for. Only 17 Moslems died and the infidels fled defeated.

This not a religious or a historical blog, but there are a couple of points to be made here:

Prophet Mohamed PBH CONSULTED his followers on where to best confront the infidels, he had originally chosen a location by the now well known "Badr" water well, one of the prophet's followers asked if this location was by any inspiration from God, when the prophet said no, the follower then asked for the place to be changed beyond the water well so that the infidels would not have a chance to rest and get water before the confrontation, and it was decided as such. Even the prophet is to be challenged about his own personal judgment, Islam DEMANDS that we use our brains and take noting for granted.

At a time when numbers and gear meant the difference between victory and defeat, belief was the deciding factor.
Fast-forward to 2005:

The US is riding the high democracy horse, and arrogantly dictating and demanding, is at the end of the day only superior in terms of gear, they are incessantly rubbing the tip of a dormant volcano, what is confronting them now is just sparks, what lies within the volcano, if not feared and respected will blow in their face, the moral here is : Stop Rubbing ! while it may appear like Bush is succeeding in changing the political landscape, in reality I do not think anyone can quanify the repercussions, it is all cosmetic & artificial change, may look good for a while, but the long term is scary for all involved.

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