March 04, 2005

Bush: No to elections under occupation in ... Lebanon

Bush has been on the case of yet another Arab country, now he is ordering a Syrian military withdrawal from Lebanon.

Today I heard on the CNN the Bush saying "I don't think you can have free elections with the Syrian troops there"

Am I the only one seeing the irony here ??? !

Here is the full story.

Just for the record and on topic:
- I am 101% for the withdrawal, after all they can always come back if Israel gets gun happy again, not that they have been successful in protecting Lebanon or themselves inside Lebanon, but any bump in Israel's way to Beirut is more than welcome.
- Other than the obvious benefits for the Lebanese, who else benefits from this withdrawal?
- Why the sudden US very late interest in welfare of Lebanon ??
More on all this later


Sheltox said...

We all know that the states use the "Do as I say not as I do" principle. Hypocrisy is the word.

Rampurple said...

i really wish bush would just shut up!

stefania said...

Bush is 100% right.