November 21, 2004

Zarqawi fact or fiction

"Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power.
We have guided missiles and misguided men. "
Martin Luther King Jr.
The US administration cannot draw funds and public support without giving its enemy a name, a face, traits that contradict the American lifestyle, a motive for that enemy (if available) and a clear and present threat in this enemy to all that is "good".

Zarqawi happens to be the this symbol, associated now with the word criminal and terrorist and finally to get more mileage out of him there is now the "Zarqawi Group" too!

I guess I should repeat, I am not for terrorist cowardly kidnapping of civilians, I am only for justified resistance to foreign occupation(s) !!

Back to Zarqawi, no one knew of him let alone see him as a hero, but the US is making it happen, all the better so that if he is ever captured or killed people will rejoice and feel safe(r), or at least feel like a big accomplishment has taken place, here the public is being misguided, and the real motive of the fighters is masked.

It's never as simple as "they fight us because they hate us" or they "hate our way of life", no one goes to war for that, and until the real reason for the presence of those fighters in Iraq is addressed, and the real reasons behind the US's presence in Iraq are uncovered, this farce will continue unchallenged by the American public, who by the way are the only owners of this mess, with their choice of administration, if you think for one moment that it is turning, or going to turn towards becoming an issue in the hands of the Iraqi people, you are missing the whole point of why the US went to Iraq in the first place! It's totally about exercising power and strategic interests, but that will be the topic for another post.

I did not mean for this blog to be totally dedicated to the Iraqi issues, but I felt that Iraq is more urgent than all other matters, I am looking forward also to my coming posts on Development in third world countries, Science and Technology in the Middle East, Arab Governments, Bin Laden, and most importantly Israel and Palestine.
Over and Out

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