November 20, 2004

Civilians Kidnapping

For all the non-Arab readers let me give you yet another Arab perspective:The way I see it whenever news of another kidnapping airs, what's being hijacked is Islam itself.

Islam the beautiful peaceful religion, is abused, misrepresented and scarred with every word those idiots utter, with every banner hanged behind them on a wall as if to give them a justification or an excuse! If they were so courageous, what are they doing capturing civilians?

Their enemy is clearly the US army! And even if they capture soldiers, Islam is very clear about how to treat them, preserving their dignity and life long before the Geneva conventions and Abu Gharib trials.

I am not saying that I am against the resistance, my position is that the US is an occupation force no matter what it choses to call itself, in black and white resistance is justified. In grey scale, use their presence to establish peace and democracy, and if they still refuse to leave kill the very last fighting soldier!

Just stop dragging Islam in your dirty agenda or God knows what it is that really motivates you to be so cruel hearted and film the slaughter of a human being and distribute it to the media.
To all I say this has nothing to do with Islam, has nothing to do with Arab chivalry and should be regarded as just another criminal act, committed by misguided or misguiding individuals no matter what their religion happens to be.

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