November 19, 2004

An Introduction to a Pissed Arab

Hello, this spot is dedicated to the ramblings of an Arab, I do not claim to represent any majority (or minority) of opinion, only my own.

"Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city,
it might be better to change the locks"
Doug Larson

Maybe you now know partially what this Arab is pissed about, but lets not forget those that "elect" those politicians, and those who fail to change those politicians, when they remain in power for so long that they start to stink! That now applies both to the the Bush as well as most Arab Governments

So let's recap:
  • This Blog is about Politics: No, it about everything that need to change, politics is just a good start!
  • This Blogger is an Arab: True
  • This Arab is Pissed: Most of the time, at least whenever I think, read or relax!
  • Then this Blog must be about advocating Democracy: Real democracy might not be a bad start, but it would be an over-simplification of what ails this world and what angers this Arab!
  • Ok so this Blog is about change: Hopefully, on many levels, otherwise we're screwed!


:: muslim artist :: said...

i like your thoughts!

Abdul Rahman Hilmi said...

ahlan wa sahlan ya m3alem! First of all, it's great to see Arabs finally coming out of the shit-hole they're in and saying something. We need more Arabs to voice their opinions and shout out and show their anger.

Where are you from by the way? I'm Syrian. Tasharafna!

I have my own blog which I'm sure you'd like as it is on the exact same lines as your blog, only I'm not speaking for Arabs, but for Muslims.

Keep up the good work, I'd be visiting here every now and then.

Oh and here is my blog's address: