November 22, 2004

Inside the mind of the frustrated & desperate

"Mankind censure injustice fearing that they may be the victims of it, and not because they shrink from committing it."
Imagine for a moment you came home to find your wife (or husband) and children in the street in front of what used to be your house!
Turns out someone has moved in and thrown your family into the street.
Imagine that there is no way in hell you can get your house back, no police can return what is rightfully yours, the place where you grew up as a child, the place that your family has owned for generations and centuries is just gone!
How helpless would you feel seeing your children becoming homeless overnight?
No prospects for education, no childhood to live, no future to look forward to!
You also lost your job! Yes, the people that took your house also took over your work place, hired their relatives and if you are lucky, they will hire you for scraps.
A correction is due here: There Is a Law against what has just happened to you, and a police to oversee that law, but this police is helpless in giving you back your rights ..
And to add insult to injury, the only person that can set things right is a Bully, an unchallenged power, but guess what? The Bully takes the side of the settlers (occupiers).
And as if all this was not enough, the settlers come and go unchecked and armed, threatening your family and preventing your family from going to hospital and building a wall preventing your kids from reaching their schools.

But hey, all is not lost yet, you are only remembered and heard when someone hurts the settlers, they will give you a small part of your land back in exchange for your leaving them alone in "peace".
Its not due to their generosity, guilt , or due to pressure by external powers, its only because they need to settle down, make their life better, attract investment, and reduce the tension they are living in, they are willing to throw you crumbs in exchange for your seizing to become a threat and an inconvenience!

So, do you have any choice in the matter? Would you die to give your children a better chance at the future?

Who is to blame for the "civilians" getting killed in Israel?

It's exactly like if the US marines took along their spouses and kids to Iraq! Who do you blame if their families get hurt in the battle?
They left their homes from all over the world and moved into Palestine, leaving behind houses, jobs, neighbors and citizen benefits, taking along their families in a War Zone, into a land that they did not own, into someone else's home.

I am totally against targeting children and civilians anywhere in the world, but in order to make any judgment you need to study very well the options the Palestinians have, and the mindset of a frustrated, desperate human cornered, alone and empty-handed against one of the most powerful and brutal armies in the world, an Army that HAS committed and still continues to commit documented atrocities against civilians.

My heart sinks with every civilian casualty, but I partially blame those who put those children in the cross fire in the first place, especially if they had a choice!!

I wish the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab countries has enough military power to force Israel to think twice before breaking every law known to humanity.
I wish the United nations had enough teeth to prevent thugs from bullying weaker nations, to stop war and to enforce its own resolutions!
I wish the Israeli government did not target civilians in massacres and did not torture prisoners.
I wish the Jews learn from their own history, and remember how it feels to be discriminated against.
I wish the Palestinians are given more choices, and seriously hope they will be able to forgive someday.
But we live in an imperfect world, and if you judge without all the above in consideration, you would be adding another injustice to the victims, and without Justice there is no peace.
This has been a trip for me Inside the mind of the frustrated & desperate, I will now try to revert to my just being hopeful but still very Pissed!

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