November 23, 2004

Poor Arab Rulers (A Devil's Advocate)

"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong"

It has become very fashionable to put down Arab Rulers: Kings, Presidents, Prices, Sultans ..
And without doubt it is mostly well deserved, they are the symbols of our time, but
Arab Rulers could be unlucky in many ways:

  • Their reign happens to be in a period when the whole Arab nation is in its weakest economically, politically and militarily.
  • They "inherited" a majority of un-appreciating, all talk and no work, lazy, uneducated, corrupt, over indulging, consumers, unorganized, politically unaware .. Citizens!
  • They were unfit and untrained to handle the global political situation that they were thrown into all of a sudden, there was a gap, they courageously stepped in to fill it all with good intentions.
  • They are surrounded with hypocritical "Brown Nosing" followers that feed them crap about how great and loved they are, and how they will go down in history as heroes.
  • They are manipulated (directly or indirectly) by well seasoned US & Israeli administrations and intelligence, that knows which buttons to push, when to squeeze and how to ease, "when to roll them, when to hold them, when to walk away and when to run" while they have not evolved yet to that level of sophistication, finding themselves always
    reacting and putting out fires instead of planning and executing.
  • They inherited armies that are too strong and influential politically not militarily, so they have to walk a fine line in every decision.
  • They also "inherited" economically unfeasible countries, consuming more, producing less, in debt (even the oil rich ones) and the prospect of a turn-around can only be long term.
  • They are not accustomed to being accountable by their people, they own the media and control the parliaments (if there are any!), and no one second guesses their decisions, accordingly it's not their fault, they are not prophets after all ..
  • The Palestine - Iraq issues offer an excellent divergence from internal issues, the majority of the population is too angry with the outside world to notice the smoke of their own brining shoes! So why rock the boat?
  • Whenever they are criticized, it is by an opposition that is "pushed" by some other Arab country or the west, or by enemies jealous of their success in leadership.
  • Arabs are probably the only remaining nation still producing songs about its leaders, praising their wisdom and importance, wouldn't that get to your head too?
  • They grow up in their posts (excluding the kings), and truly do not see any viable replacement to take over after their awaited retirement, they are stuck in this responsibility and truly believe that their country will collapse without their wisdom.

This list of excuses could go on ..
Still, my heart is not bleeding for any of them.
They are responsible for where we are now and the big hole we are diving into.
Until a nation gets "balls" to fight for what it believes in, the hole remains bottomless!

"Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed
no better than we deserve"
George Bernard Shaw

Over and Out

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