October 18, 2009

Stopping Contact us links from opening email programs

Ever click the "Contact us" link on a company's web site and suddenly your email program kicks in making it double annoying that you now have to wait till it starts and then close it, wasting your time and trying your patience.

What idiot company manager does not care about pissing off the customers that decide to contact his company, if it serves no other purpose than gaining new clients and keeping current customers happy, why bother have a web site?

What idiot webmaster that knows not the difference between "email us" and "contact us", probably you're right to be thinking he must be working for the exact same idiot manager that does not even bother to check every link on his web site.

Rant over.

Now to cripple such annoyances by idiots that have no business being in business, here's my neat and simple solution to preventing stupid email addresses disguised as Contact Us links from wasting your time:

Simply remove your web browser email application association

In simpler terms, when you click on an email link, your web browser will just not know what to do and present you with a list of email applications asking if you'd like to start any of them, to which you can simply click "Cancel"

To disable launching email in Firefox go to:

Tools Menu > Applications Tab > Scroll down and click on "mailto" > choose "Always ask", then click "Ok"

To disable launching email in Internet Explorer:

Tools Menu > Internet Options > Programs Tab > IE7 or older: Find and delete
IE8 on Vista click 'set program' then 'set your default programs' then :

For every email program on the left like Outlook, Windows mail ..
Click the program name > Choose Defaults > Unselect "MAIL TO" then Save
(Requires Administrator Privileges)

Coming soon my take on web site designers that think every visitor to their sites has 10 minutes of their lives to waste for a useless flash rotating logo to load, on second thought let's get this one out of the way since we're here.

For the love of God add a "Skip Intro" link for those of us that can't spare the time, or those that have already enjoyed your unquestionable mastery of logo rotation, or just those that have a life!
And for those tricky little bastards that add the "Skip Intro" link but make it tiny and hide it to the far right or deep bottom: You are disgusting and rude.

Second Rant over.

You can all go back now to your happy lives, watching CNN or reading the papers for more news about injustice and politicians betraying humanity, hey, since we're here, have you heard the US representative speech to the UN Human Rights Council on how the Goldstone's report (pdf) is "unbalanced" in not being "even handed" when weighing the thousands of women and children killed in Ghaza by an F16 and Apache Helicopter equipped army against the 2 killed in Israel by home made Palestinian rockets? The Israeli's speech almost had me in tears when he said he knows not what to tell his "Peace Loving" people back home about this report that will slow down their zealous dream for peace and negotiation, I did not cry because I was busy wondering how people can keep a sreaight face while lying, I guess that's what they call politics.

Don't worry, I'm not going there, not today anyway.
Third Rant is Not over!

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