September 13, 2008

One day for One hour

Imagine there is a divine deal where we can trade one day from your life for an hour with anyone you want to be with, someone who passed away, someone who passed you by, a lost love, a departed friend, a father, mother or a sister, anyone you would like to spend one hour with and you are willing to trade one day from your life for that hour.

You have no control over what that person wants to do in that hour, you cannot get them to do or say anything they wouldn't want to talk about or do, just one very real hour. This is not a fantasy dream fulfillment service (ehm. divine deals are respectable, right?), but the exchange of one day from your lifespan with one hour with someone you want to be with living or dead but can't.

- Who would you choose and why?

- Will this deal become an addiction?

- Will people trade away the rest of their lives?

Again imagine you can again trade one day in your life for someone else to have an additional one hour in theirs, would you make the sacrifice? and for whom?

Now think what that last day in your life could have been spent doing, fulfilling a promise, loving someone, accomplishing a breakthrough in your field, curing cancer, writing a poem, letting someone know that you love them, winning the lottery and making sure your loved ones are well taken care of..

I am certain that most people reading this would take the fist deal and hesitate about the second, interesting how little we humans value a day in our life, how many memorable days can you count that idled by, where nothing much happened to remember them by? How many days do we deliberately dedicate to nothing much of value or to doing something we hate doing?

Perhaps when realizing what a day in our life can be worth we would treat our days differently, as a gift or as a currency, make better use of each and every day we get as if it was a gift, a divine gift, perhaps by just realizing that, we would be more reluctant to trade our days for an hour or ten hours.

The uncertainties in life make it more interesting and an adventure, the only loss is by wasting a moment of it and not treating it as a gift.

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