July 27, 2006

Breeding Hate, don't come asking why again!

This Arab is currently too pissed to express coherently how he feels, for years I have warned the forces of arrogance that their utter idiocy is thinning down the moderates in the Arab world, I warned that America's brute force and their support for the cancerous Zionist entity (aka Israel) will light up an already volatile region, but the blood thirst of both draconian regimes has surpassed any call for shame, disgrace, logic, humanity, common sense or rationale.

To my American readers imagine for one moment North Korea going to war against Taliban and Binladen, and succeeding in what your president failed to accomplish, how would the victims' families of 9/11 feel towards North Korea?

This is exactly how EVERY SINGLE ARAB feels today about Hizballah and Hasan Nasrallah, without exception, no exclusions including this very pissed Arab!

America's support, financing, arming and veto to the blood thirsty Zionist's benefit was the last fig leaf to be taken off and reveal how tiny its regard for human life is.

Today Al Qaeda must be suffering from only one thing: Inability to train & arm the hundreds of thousands that must be willing to join them today if they could.

Suddenly Palestinians are not alone, each murdered child, each screaming mother, each teenager that lost a father, mother or a sister is a future guided missile into the heart of the Zionist entity and whoever supports it.

And the straw that broke the camel's back was the American shameless declaration that whoever fights Israel's occupation is a terrorist! You have just branded and labeled every warm blooded decent human being fighting oppression and occupation as a terrorist! You drew a line around Israel and made every decent human being Israel's enemy and yours with this unjust label.

You have just signed up the world for tens of years of war & destruction against Israel and America, congratulations George W. Bush, hope your arms deals and oil business commissions are worth the innocent lives you have just written off, your grand children and their children will be ashamed of carrying your name.

If John The Ripper today declares war on Israel and the US he will find millions to join his army, as for the smart well spoken morally justified Hasan Nasrallah, you have just elevated him to a prophet rank, dead or alive, he won already, and you have nothing but fear and defeat to look forward to no matter what the outcomes of your current adventures are.

The moderates of the world have to deal with Israel, the US, their own regimes, and now, because of you, have to deal with extremists that you are breeding in Afghanistan, Iraq and everywhere else in the world.

As a self-defined moderate I am against occupation, against war, against injustice wherever it is, I am for humanity, compassion, peace and respect for human life, today I find myself neither this nor that, I am carrying the fire storm of anger within me, and every single person I know feels the same. Congratulations George W. Bush!


Alay said...

same feeling here!

Julie said...

I'm an American, and sad to say, I absolutely agree with you, that Bush and his blind loyalty to Israel, love of oil profits, links to the military industrial complex, etc has effectively destroyed the good the Lebanese people worked so hard to achieve.

I agree that this will have serious repercussions across the moderate Arab world, will cause problems for their governments that will ripple across the globe.

I feel most deeply for the Palestinians as well, their struggle never seems to presented correctly by our media so the vast majority of the American people on't understand it, if they even realize there is a problem. It took our media over a year to even notice what was going on in Darfur, let alone report on it. I thank public television for the BBC or I too, would have been in the dark.

Please know that, though the polls say otherwise (we don't have any idea who they ask), a very large number of Americans are sickened by our government's unwillingness to stop the bloodshed in Lebanon. And those of us who do know about the Palestinian issue, can't understand why the international community is ignoring their plight.

I invite youto read my blog if you wish. commonsense comments

Peace be with the Middle East, perhaps if we work on it from here and you work on it from there, we can meet in the middle and exchange the olive branch.

Seemeenott said...

2 1PA (also Julie):
After all u have said im very interested: and HOW do U c the peace in the Middle East? Whats ur final picture?

1PA said...

Hi Julie,
Right now I see no peace in the Middle East, I am personally too angry to see any light at the end of the tunnel right now, all I see is a tunnel that leads to Israel littered with innocent lives, I see crap at the end of the tunnel!

The real source of the problem in the Middle East is Arab's weakness, we are overshadowed by internal and external forces, Israel has had the field all to itself for too long, dictating and forcing their interests, and the world is (or chooses to remain) helpless and ineffective, I don't blame the world, if the Arabs themselves remain so pathetically passive and docile, why should anyone fight their battle?

To answer your question, the only way to peace in the Middle East is to match Israel's power, wipe off their arrogance, and force them to have no option but to seek peace themselves.

It's like having a spoilt brat in the playing ground, you don't demonstrate to bring it inline, you force its parents to teach it manners.

So to bring it full circle, I personally think it boils down to change, and on many levels.

Julie said...

I am a firm beliver that if people are treated with respect and justice, peace follows naturally.

If I were given the opportunity, I would begin with Lebanon, as it is currently the crisis that has the highest potential for a rapid, successful and peaceful conclusion. An immediate end to the violence on both sides of course would be the first order. I don't believe one can negotiate peace in the midst of ongoing death and destruction.

It is heartening to see Hizballah has offered a ceasefire. We will see who accepts and who does not. The true aggressor will then be revealed to the world.

In Lebanon, the problem is less complex (aside from solidarity with the Palestinians). Lebanon's idea of absorbing Hezballah fighters into the national army makes the most sense and shows the government's respect for all the positive they have done for the country over the years.

The peacekeeping force is good,not because they would be there to protect Israel, but they would be there to stop Israeli cross border assasinations at will. This would help to reveal the truth and defend the innocents civilians who live in Hezballah areas typically targeted by Israel. The force should be on both sides of the border in equal distances. Both sides should lose land to it, not only one. That is just.

Lebanon's borders must be defined once and for all and their borders should finally get international recognition so there can be no question if an incursion occurs. This border definition should include the Shebaa farms, once and for all as this area is used as an excuse on all sides.

As there is no present conflict with Syria, the Golan Heights issue should also be settled once and for all. This will also remove another excusethat is frequently used by both sides.

Anyone living there presently should be given a choice of what they would like to do. Countries in the region should be required to announce which populations they would be willing to accept should they choose to leave. This exodus must have an enforced timetable. Those who stay beyond it are on their own. It was their choice. But they are not to be discriminated against.

Palestine is a much larger issue. Obviously Israeli strikes must immediately stop, the borders must be opened and the embargos must be lifted.Aid should immediately flow into the area.

The international community must stop the sanctions imposed since the election of Hamas. It is not their right to punish people for their choice of leaders in a democratic election. Democracies do not always electthe most popular leaders. The benefit is they can be tossed out at the next election.These sanctions were very colonial-like and are wrong. The colonial era is over.

The water issues must be addressed nextas they are vital for the survival of the Palestinian people as well as the Israelis. They should be equitable for both sides and there should be an enforceable redress should violations be discovered.

The West Bank is the most difficult issue. I think the answer lies somewhere between UN Resolution 194, 242 and the boundaries in 1948. However, the peace should not hinge on that boundary. The Palestinian State should be formally established and recognized using the boundries that are not disputed including Gaza from which the Israelis have already withdrawn.

This would give the Palestinians some security that they are a recognized state. The Jerusalem area should be completely under UN control and belong to the world.The upkeep and services to the population should be funded by annual payments by the world community and tere should be a permanent UN force there to act as law enforcement. Who can complain?

The refugees and settlers. It should be their option where they live. Forcible removal is fair to no one, neither is forced settling. But again there must be a timetable. I would like to see this as a dialogue between the citizens once the state is established. If they can live together, they should be able to establish that, but governments dictating this to the people will cause conflict and really is not their business. The people have to live there, not the governments.

Is this naive? Maybe, but I don't think so. The people want peace. The governments are the problem.

I don't really know much about the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. I didn't even know they were there until the war. But I don't understand why they have no rights in Lebanon.

Can someone explain that to me?

Iraq. A quandry. I think the government should decide whether they want the coalition forces there or not, in what capacity, and under whose authority. The coalition should abide by their decision, they are a sovereign nation. Should they want the coalition to leave, whatever happens next is their decision and their responsiblity, but I don't see the coalition as having a positive influence. Then of course, I'm not there.

So that's what I see in a nutshell. Sorry it was so long.

Abe Bird said...

Well, nothing new. Arabs attack Isreal (Jews) and cry for sympathy and understanding. Why do you think that Isreal should sit calm while being attackes by Iranian politcal-religious army held next to the formaly Lebanese elected government?

Who is the HA to do private politics with another country? Decide who is responsible to run Lebanon? In any case both, HA and Leb-Gov are responsible for the Lebanese 7/12 aggression against Israel. And they both should pay as much as Isreal can take from them.

Hizb Alla intended in any case to provoke Isreal and to wage a war "in their way to conquer Al-Quds - Jewrusalem". Israel puts them in their own boiled water.

Julie said...

Funny Abe-bird your tone is much less conciliatory on an Arab website than an American one. Glad I saw it, I'll update my post.

The question I have for Israel and you is, if you are so sure the Iranians are behind this, why don't you just attack them and get it over with, or do you only attack those weaker than yourselves? Pretty sad isn't it. Just like my country invading Iraq knowing their army was decimated.

they both should pay as much as Isreal can take from them. And you wonder why you have problems.....the hypocrisy sickens me...just as it does with my own country.

Julie said...

Israel has requested that shipments of cluster rockets be expedited. The US State Department is not sure thye are going to authorize it. Click this link for the phone numbers of the state deprtment in your country so you can call and tell them NO.

State Department

Julie said...

There is a new website www.mmswitness.com. On this site is a Google map, interactive, you can click on a location on the map, and type your story, upload photos and video. A flag remains to hold the place for all to read your story.

I contacted these guys, they agreed it would be a good place to aggregate the stories. I suggested we then submit the stories, photos and videos to the U.N. Human Rights Commission investigating war crimes in hte Lebanon conflict.

The first war in the electronic age could very well be the last if it works, or at the very least, make countries obey teh rules. Tell everyone you know who can provide an eyewitness account.
Full story on my blog. commonsense.jasegraves.com
If it works, maybe we can help the Palestinians next. :)

Julie said...

correction www.mmseyewitness.com

k2quill said...

Dear IPA,

Cultural identity and autonomy has been eroded to such an extent in the West that I agree with some points ... But

Racial identity is a strange concept => it is often Jews that oppose 'Jewish' policies and Israel most strongly and in an informed way.

What are your plans for the future, for all, for your nation?

Regards, katew