September 01, 2006

stooping to hate speech, the lowest of the low

What the hell is the president of USA & Iraq blabbing about now?

According to him the USA is: "Fighting terrorists in Iraq because they're successors to Fascists, to Nazis, to Communists.."

But Iraq had no terrorists, you got them there..
- Nazi Terrorists subliminiminal

But Islam is a religion of tolerance and Islam did not attack you, few extremists did..
- Islamic Fascists subliminiminal

Why fight successors when you have real communist China and North Korea taunting you..
- Islamic communists nazi fascists subliminiminal

Oh I get it now, this is the new game in town
Tie up the word Islam with everything the public fears and hate, have Rumsfeld and other parrots repeat it, appear to be heroes liberating the world from an old enemy, get the public support to fill up your own pocket and lube it with oil that is not yours while you are at it, brilliant.

Want to bet what is next on their propaganda agenda?
Expect to hear the words "Islamic Supremacy" a lot, if you do, come back and tell me that I was right, it is the next logical step in a well calculated neo-Zionist totalitarian plan by the elite that currently govern the USA.

Be careful what you label people, they might look it up and find it to be a good idea given enough injustice and pressure, if coal can turn to diamond with pressure and heat, humans are not stronger.

Stop feeding your people hate speech, in the process they will hate themselves and you for it. Do the decent thing, give the world peace or go eat another pretzel.


Julie said...

Send him a case of pretzels and leth them have a pretzel fest at a cabinet us all a favor, save us the trouble of impeaching the whole lot of them.

Bush doesn't know that inherent in the definition of the word fascist, is the word state. A religion, cannot be fascist, only a state can be fascist. If he looked in the mirror....

Julie said...

ps. I have come to the conclusion, after careful study, that Karl Rove, the neocons and the Zionists went to the Joseph Goebbels school of public relations. It's all about the message, the message, the message.

Before you know it, the U.S. TV stations will be stopping a few times a day and forcing the people to watch the one minute hate speech as in 1984.

It's getting very depressing here.

Julie said...

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Craig said...

Yes it is a new game in town, and a dangerous one at that. Where are leaders with vision and courage? Where is common sense, humility and integrity?

Julie said...

Where are leaders with vision and courage? Where is common sense, humility and integrity?

Certainly not in the White House, and apparently not at Number 10 Downing St. either....

Cute-Q8i said...


Julie said...

The good news is - the American people are pissed. We're sick of corruption, lies, thieves, pedophiles and just downright self-serving #!#(>#$% running the country.

They're in for a big surprise come November 7 - and don't listen to the media - they are clueless as to what the people really think. I wouldn't be suprised if they were all voted out. And if the Republicans win in all the close races,everyone will know the election was fixed again.

How do you get U.N. election monitors in?

Hamzah said...

Islam is nt a religon of fanatics and terrorist. non belivers only think that because of the free masons propaganda against islam They control wt u seee and wt they want you to belive. all tv channels always say tht islam is fighting a "Holy war on the west which we call jihad" JIHAD DOESNOT MEEN HOLY WAR it meens to struggle in the path of allah. and they always show al qaida and mi guided muslims on the tv so u will think that y dont tey ever put on out spoken immmams like shaikh sudaisno there putting on immams tht support terror for there own goals y dont they show the rightly guided muslims coz the free masons are using propaganda against the non belivers.