June 22, 2005

Dear Fellow Puppets

Does any one remember the Boycott Israel Campaigns that set us all on fire not more than a couple years ago? I guess Israeli aggression is over and the Arab lands have been returned so there is no need to boycott.. Right ?

Remember the campaigns against the Racist wall of separation snaking through Palestine? All the demonstrations must have worked for I am not hearing anyone complaining about the wall anymore!

I must have been dreaming about a rising throughout the world against the war against Iraq, and later against the occupation of Iraq.. Are the Americans out of there yet? Aren't the Iraqis ruling their own land and free from Saddam Hussain?

Remember the Intifada? If not, I don't blame you, we must have been having a group dream, aint that weird ?!!

Then recently there was the rising against the abuse of the Quoraan in Guantanamo, people died in anger, were they fooled?

I know for sure what's hot now, its democracy, great, but the question is till when? Who are all those people suddenly brave enough to speak out against their governments, why are many of them insulting and abusive, do we carry so much hate? Where was that hate few months or few years ago?
Who's deciding what we live and die for? Who's jerking the chains?

How fickle is our enthusiasm, how betraying is our memory, if only we could get the peace and quiet the puppets get late at night when the show is over!

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