April 19, 2005

Al-Arabiya Vs. Al-Jazeera

Alarabiya just broke the news of Qatar taking away the citizenship from 6000 of its citizens and expelling them, I did not tune in time to get the full story or the reasons, but I am VERY interested to know if and how and when Aljazeera Tv will handle it.

Aljazeera has been both impressing me and getting on my nerves since its day one, I always liked the spicy hot coverage and considered it an excellent source of alternative news (note that I do not consider its news fully reliable) I regard it as an institution going through puberty and in its teen years it is interesting but professionally ANNOYING.

Back to Qatar, Aljazeera handles Qatar related news and issues with white gloves while other countries are strictly handled gloves off. That makes Aljazeera justifiably appear as biased, and compromises all their claims of being a "pedestal of truth"

Worth noting here, as an Arab, I still tune to Aljazeera before CNN any day for Middle East related breaking news!

One other thing, every time I see Alhurra Channel in my program list I remember the old saying "Yankee Go Home" No one is watching it and it is neither respected nor believed down here, so save your Congress and tax payer money and spend it on Palestinian kids, maybe that would touch someone's heart for a change!

I am still very curious as to why a country would expel 6000 of its citizens, Did Qatar just loose 0.6% of its population ?? I am not sure if something like this has ever happened elsewhere, but will follow Aljazeera closely for details if they ever air it :)


Bahraini by nature said...

I couldn’t agree more with you on how Al-jazeera is biased. You wouldn’t hear on Al-jazeera about the corruption in the royal family, the hidden Israli-Qatari relationships and the contribution of Rands (the American consultancy) in changing the Qatari Islamic culture to a more westernised culture.

Anyways, the point that I would like to add here is regarding the 6000 citizens that they were taken away from Qatar. What you hear on Al Arabiya is very much true. However, no matter how thin you slice it they'll always be two sides. And this just one said of the story. What the news missed or choose to miss is the other side.

Most of those people who have their names listed never use to live in qatar for starters. Most of them live in 7essa, in boarder villages, towns and ehjar. Like many bediuon tribes that live between boarders they carry dual citizenships, saudi and qatari. This is very similar to kuwait and saudi arabia where there are over 100,000 who share these two countries passports.

Because of security reasons and the touchi touch issue with saudi arabia and qatar, qatar has announced a very long time ago that anyone with dual citizenship should come forward and give govt documents proofing they had cancelled their second citizenship, otherwise they have to abandon their qatari passport. For a very long time, thousands of ppl came forward, all kept their qatari passports and abandoned their other passport. After the deadline, the Amir extended the deadline for another six month to give those living outside qatar a chance.
Many didn’t take that chance and lost their qatari citizenship. Ppl from many tribes lost citizenships, and of them were alghafran of almarrah tribe. Because most of the ppl who had suffered happen to be from the same tribe doesn’t not mean the govt had targeted one group of ppl in particular. Al marri are one of the biggest, if nto the biggest tribe in qatar and they easily could exceed over 15,000 ppl if not way more. theyve always been part of qatars history and are found in all govt and military levels, from highest to lowest. The govt didnt point out one group of ppl and decided lets go out and take the passports of over 5,000 ppl just like that. The number is higher, however 5,000 happen to be of one group of ppl.
Also there are those who had dual citizenship, not these maybe, but in general, who took benefits from both countries. They would get free land and housing loan from the govt, build a house then rent it out, where they really never lived more than one week in qatar for their entire life.

فلان الفلانى said...

شعبان عبد الرحيم يدشن حملة الانتخابات الرئاسية بـ كليب مؤيد لمبارك
جريدة القدس العربى 2005/04/22

فى تطور سياسي وفني مهم فاجأ المطرب الشعبي (المكوجي السابق) شعبان عبد الرحيم الجماهير المصرية بأغنية جديدة مصورة (فيديو كليب) يدعو فيها مباشرة لانتخاب الرئيس حسني مبارك لفترة رئاسية جديدة (خامسة) دون تفكير، حيث لا يوجد شخص افضل من مبارك يقدر علي تحمل مسؤولية

barkingboy said...
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