March 25, 2005

Sami Yusuf سامي يوسف

Can't tell you how impressed I was when I first watched Sami Yusuf's song "Moalem", a beautiful song about the love and appreciation of prophet Mohamed (PBUH), Sami's warmth of voice, modern look, beautiful music and topic that cannot miss the heart of any Moslem ..

The modern take was much much needed in bringing closer religion amidst the younger generations, we are used to this topic being covered dramatically by ancient actors, boring music, slow talking over-acting did I say boring again? It is! But taking it into the video clip age is an accomplishment worth noting.

Another Islamic Superstar is in the making, he is ready to join Amr Khaled and Moez Masoud and others in the hall of fame of those that have touched the lives of both teenagers and older generations through modernization in presenting Islam, note well: Not modernizing Islam itself, there is a difference!

Back to Sami, a LOT is riding on this guy, that is why I have to be totally frank here, after the "Moalem" song I saw another two, they where pathetic repetitions of his first song, the last of which was about "Mothers".

Sami, unless you intend to be another one song star, you seriously need to re-invent yourself, a religious song needs not be so sad and morbid, people don't like that, you need to get yourself a good writer and composer, repeating the same music over and over is plain boring, you are competing for air time and the attention of audience used to striptease, so take your mission seriously and rise up to the challenge. Oh and you need good marketing too, I think this says it all.

Wishing Sami a long successful career and looking forward to his new productions, a good role model would be Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)
I hope this does not offend Sami's fans, just please keep in mind that I am not writing to make friends.


Dalulla said...

i was also excited about Sami Yusuf very much..still am as a amatter of fact.. but i do agree with you.. I understoof u liked him but want better prospects for him to flourish amongst people. El sara7a mafroud matza3alsh!

NT said...

I think constructive critisism is good, but just having a good bash at someone like sami yusuf is out of order! he is doing ALOT OF GOOD THINGS. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ISLAM MAY I ASK, FOR YOU TO BE ABLE TO JUDGE SOMEONE? you are entitled to your opinion which could be valid but almost ordering someone about and saying what he should and should not be doing is not your place.

Sorry if I sound harsh but I get tired of a people bringing down Muslims who are trying to make a difference, maybe Sami Yusuf has a long way to go, and maybe his wrongs can be repetitive but at least he is DOING SOMETHING which is a lot more then a lot of other people.

NT said...

sorry all,that should have read: 'maybe his SONGS can be repetitive .....'

1PA said...


No you may not ask, it is neither your business nor a prerequisite for anyone with constructive criticism to first exceed the receiver in everything they do, and if you read the post again, that was loving constructive criticism, maybe you are right and your problem is that you are tired, try thinking & reading before blowing up as the first resort, now's there's some good advice.

And Yes, I stand my point, with all the love and respect to Sami, if every song sounds just like the one before it, people (specially the young) will tune out and move on, and if you truly care about him, you will pull him off the pedestal and treat him like the human being that he is.