February 07, 2011

The Egyptian Jan 25th Youth Revolution

What many Egyptians on the ground really think of the Jan 25th Youth Revolution

On western Media:
The majority of Egyptians are not interested in your coverage.
Those that follow your broadcasts are highly insulted by the shallow narrow minded coverage, see below for Ikhwan Muslimeen - Muslim Brotherhood - and Western Governments meddling, & Mubarak family's wealth for details.

On Aljazeera:
Aljazeera has once again proven itself as an extremely biased Qatari sock puppet, while the Qatar government itself in turn suffers from a severe inferiority complex and is willing to play the devil's agenda for a pat on the back, on the other hand many Egyptians take Aljazeera poison but in small doses like an antidote when they suspect they are not being told the truth, but trust me, no one accepts or tolerates the highly distorted biased image that Aljazeera keeps portraying. Actually Aljazeera's following had declined to almost Zero till the recent events.

On Western Governments Meddling:
The majority of Egyptians see Western Governments as hypocritical vultures and bullies when it comes to Egyptian internal affairs, sometimes even worse, you finance and support dictators, you turn a blind eye to their atrocities, then you discard them when they no longer serve your interests, see Democracy and Human Rights below.

On El Baradei:
The most personal blundered opportunity, that man could have led the youth if he believed in them, but unfortunately he lacked the charisma to lead and went on with his "Nobel Prize" obligations, he feared to face the system head on, and sadly when the youth did it, he had the audacity to scramble back to Egypt, hold a microphone among protesters and claim that he has the right to represent them with one million signed authorizations, which according to his site is less than 129 thousand by the way, his stuttering speech fooled no one and he was quickly dismissed by all youth and even the opposition. Baradei never saw in himself the capacity to lead, got afraid, then got greedy, then started back paddling, it's a shame for if he understood his own capacity better he could have been an excellent mentor and god father for change, all that and I'm not even touching the talks about his being a US puppet..

On the Opposition parties in Egypt:
Nothing to say, unfortunately there's still none worth mentioning.

On Israel:
You little slimy sleazy Zionist land stealing murderer of women and children enemy of the Egyptian people keep your dirty hands off Egyptian matters, the Egyptian people are fed up of your conniving slime, stop pretending to be any sort of neighbor or friend, you have proven to be neither and it is only a matter of time till you are met by forces that you can understand and respect, not one Egyptian today will hesitate to die for his country, more on river Nile and south Sudan Zionist conspiracies later.

On The Muslim Brotherhood:
A weak power in Egypt with a huge following but in no way close to being a majority, they are not even that well organized, only loved when focusing on public services, feared, misunderstood, fought and even hated when meddling with politics, they only have a future as a civil charity if they know what's good for them and they mean well for their country, they are yet to come out clean with full intentions, and this will be one of the factors for their downfall.

On Iran:
Stop meddling with Egyptian issues, your religious approach is a foreign language to Sunni Egyptians, your hypocrisy is blatant, the world saw how you oppress your own people, if your intents are truly that honorable, be a real threat to Israel not your own people and stay off your neighbors' internal affairs, you are turning into a laughingly failed copy of America (in Iranian words Devil) in meddling.

On Hamas & Fatah in Palestine:
I'm not going to even talk to you, shame on you both, and may the brave Palestinian nation rise and overthrow both you and Israel.

On Democracy and Human Rights:
You want it, you get it yourself, count on no one else, again NGO's, world media, the UN and western governments play the democracy and human rights as a negotiating card for their benefit, the game is transparent and known to all Egyptians, please stop dangling it as the prize, the people are hungry - even starving - for freedom and you're all are just playing with their food.

On Mubarak family's wealth:
Really? Now? The western media suddenly found out about the 40 to 70 Billion Dollars stash?
That was an expected pathetic and transparent stab, not defending Mubarak of course, but truly insulted for being taken for an idiot, when the right time comes we all are eager to know the truth on many things, and it will come, and there will be accountability and justice, till then please shut up.

On the Egyptian Army:
These braves are from and to the Egyptian people, I am honestly scared for - not from - them, they were forced into a desperate situation and by the grace of God alone their managing to hang on to an impressive self discipline and control saved Egypt. They should not remain one more day in the Egyptian city streets, we all owe it to them to protect them and ourselves.

On The Egyptian Police:
Many good men are there, but time for quick cleanup and Change, a considerable portion of that organization has been corrupted by power and its torture and financial corruption is THE main reason why the Egyptians are in a revolution today, leaderships change must be accompanied by quick re-qualification and re-education, what you got away with till last month is not going to be acceptable anymore.

On Hosni Mobarak:
This man is mighty and Herculean to say the least, he stands against:
The United Stated
The European Union
Other Arab countries including Qatar & Hamas
Israel's intervention
A failing economy
His own National Democratic Party NDP
His Police
His People
will be interesting to know how he will be chalked in history.

On the Jan 25th Youth:
Had to get a lot off my chest before addressing this beautiful surprise.
To put it mildly, these guys inspired the love of Egypt back in all of us.
They selflessly and courageously went out against serious odds and voiced what all Egyptians want:
Change, Freedom, and Social Justice
The odds against them were Imprisonment, Torture, loss of career, and as it turned out for some, death!
They humbled all Egyptians with their bravery and sacrifice.
They renewed our faith that our country is fertile with greatness and things are not as bad as they seem.
They gave birth to hope when all seemed decayed and lost.

My only advice to them is when things get too complicated and political, simplify and go back to the pure basics of what brought you together, make it your life's goal to see the murderers of your colleagues brought to justice, and set for yourself realistic achievable goals, mind the forces trying to separate you, forces trying to deviate your direction, and others trying to benefit from your sacrifice, keep it pure and simple, do not get dragged into a position where you are taking the Egyptian people hostage, let the next step be elections, and let's fight against forgery with our lives, that's how democracies survive,
keep on inspiring us till we inspire you back.

On the chances of all this ever happening again in the future:
I'm afraid not, and I truly hope I'm wrong.
There was a rare 'perfect storm' combination of factors that seldom happen or exist all together or in sequence that contributed to the success of the Youth Jan 25th movement:
A Weakening Ruler (in age, see On Hosni Mubarak above)
A corrupt ruling party NDP ready to bail out on it's leader
Egyptian police & US intelligence failure regarding Facebook signals
An unlikely Tunisian inspiration, with an unexpected outcome.

On my own personal position:
I find myself neither supporting a non-stop protest revolution nor an oppressive regime, the middle ground is getting smaller and the options less with time, I've only quickly covered few basic points in a rush, more on each and on the future of Egypt later.

Finally here are some lighthearted humor that says a lot about the beauty of the Egyptian people even in adversity, a translation from Arabic so some of the meaning is lost:

- A tourist gets into an Egyptian taxi, he notices 3 pictures for the last 3 Egyptian presidents the tourist asks: - who's picture is that - that Abdelnasser, the leader of our Revolution - and that? - that's Anwar Sadat, our brave war & peace hero - and that? - that's the father of Gamal, the owner of this taxi

When Mobarak died, he met Nasser and Sadat, they asked him eagerly, was it poison, or was it a shootout in a military parade? Mobarak looked down and muttered .. it was Facebook

Mobarak asks his driver to tell him honestly how he scores compared to others - No sir you are much better than Nasser, he feared Russia - No sir, you are much better than Sadat, he feared America - No sir, you are much better than prophet Mohamed , he feared God

One last one, given the changes happening in all other Arab countries: It is rumored that the next Arab League Summit will be an orientation & a personal introduction summit

pissed yet very optimistic !


Erin M said...

I have read your blog over the years and I love to hear your viewpoint. I am overjoyed today and very optimistic that Egypt will lead the peoples of the world in mobilizing.
--1 pissed American here

papareff said...

love the jokes.what do you think of the malitry