August 03, 2008

Expectations, the dark side

It's been a while since my last post, I know, I've consciously avoided blogging at high saturation anger times, mostly because at those times one is not able to put together coherent organized thoughts or even come up with anything that would make any sense, just like turning up the stereo volume to the max all you're going to end up with is off peak incomprehensible saturated noise.

I just realized for the first time in my 40 something years how much what you expect from yourself and what you expect from others around you matters in how happy a life you lead. Amazing you might think that it took over 40 years for such a revelation to dawn upon me, better late than never.

What to expect from oneself:
High expectations is a driving force towards pushing oneself that extra bit to become a better person, to learn more, to earn more, to impress that girl, to be a better parent, or even to just get up in the morning and go to work!

Self expectation is like a human's back bone, and the lack of or distortion of higher self expectation and standards is what regularly populates our prisons, orphanages and the political scene. Self expectation has a dark side, it can be a whip and a cruel one. Somehow we are able to confuse dreams and upgrade them into expectations, only those of us that manage to put a plan and rationally map their way to their target have a chance to make it through the frustration.

What to expect from others:
Now this is exactly why I took a break from blogging, you simply cannot survive if evil, corruption, selfishness, apathy or greed.. surprises and gets you each and every time, it is madness to expect a perfect world, and suicide if you allow yourself to get dragged down with each of the seven sins.

The moment you reach helplessness or desperation know that you have just crossed the healthy allowable threshold of what you should expect from yourself or others, take a step back and trace the path of what got you there, then take a step forward and chart your way towards doing something about it and never allowing yourself to be overwhelmed again by your own or other's short comings.

Believe me, if you allow yourself a moment to take what I just said in, you might just become a happy and content person, as for myself, I decided to invest my moment in writing this post, guess I'm doomed to remain a one pissed Arab..

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