December 29, 2006

Saddam Executed

Few hours ago, Iraq's president Saddam Hussein was executed, after a long struggle with his own demons, his enemies, his people, his captors, and finally a kangaroo court Saddam Hussein is between the hands of his creator pending his final judgment.

Saddam is at peace today but he left us all with troubling questions:

Why didn't Saddam fight off the occupation? What made him brutal against his own people and neighbors, how will history judge him? Do "they" really think they will achieve peace in Iraq now? Is Iraq better off today, was justice really met, who killed Saddam, who is killing in Iraq today?

I can only see only more violent deaths for Iraqis, Americans, British,... the world.

Today is another sad day for humanity.
Long live Iraq as Saddam used to say.

Dec 30 2006

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