May 01, 2006

Bomb Mecca? What an idiot!

According to this Fox News story in July 2005:

"A Colorado congressman told a radio show host that the U.S. could "take out" Islamic holy sites if Muslim fundamentalist terrorists attacked the country with nuclear weapons."

Now we have said it repeatedly and heard it said to us, that in every basket there can be a rotten apple, and that the views of one person do not represent a nation, applies to us striking Binladen off as much as the US Congress with congressman Tom Tancredo.

The idiocy is two fold:
a) The unchecked answerable to no one retaliation, bully doctrine & attitude that the current US regime seems to have borrowed from its little sister Israel.
b) The total disrespect to what Billions consider wholly and sacred.

When Taliban were shelling out of ignorance historic monuments in their own country the world led by the US screamed to the horror & lack of sensitivity towards culture and world heritage.. And Taliban by all measures are closer to the cave man than this civilized, well educated refined politician in the nation that leads the world (hopefully not by example)

And what would be the answer to such an unimaginable atrocity like bombing Mecca? How do you think billions of sane calm reasonable human beings should react? I shudder at the thought!

This is an old story, and most probably this congressman represents no one in those views, his lack of sense and sensitivity is obvious, also his disregard to his own country's security is clear.

Goes to show you that a person in office with political responsibilities is not necessarily sane, happens here, in the US and everywhere else.


goThicruLezZ said...

check that blog out....

Julie said...

Stay away from FOX news, they brainwash people. It's a propaganda tool of the US government. I watch CNN, public television news, MSNBC and the BBC. W used to get Canadian news but Al Gore bought the tv station and replaced it with garbage. I think he's in on the plot.

Public tv brings news from Europe, Ireland, etc. I's not on enough but it's better than what I'm left with. And you're right, you can only form a reasonable opinion by listening to them all. Or going on bligs to find out what the people really think. Thanks for being here.

maxmac2000 said...

One of America's funny comedians Robin Williams once made the observation that "Americans are a simple people. If you piss us off We bomb your cities." Make no mistake.If some knuckle dragging Muslim reactionary lets a nuclear bomb off in the USA you can forget Islam. It will be toast. They will be unable to do anything else.

The Happy One

Mark said...

The fact that Tancredo's comments have prompted such a big outcry from supporters of Islam means that maybe he's right: he has found one of the few things they care about. The point isn't to just go out and bomb Mecca, but to get across the THREAT of doing so. Maybe that'll sink in a little for those who advocate attacking the U.S.

Helen and Hell said...

The bombing of sites like Meccah might lead to retaliation against jerusalem or the vatican etc.
The pandorras box would be opened.
It may be that only the total extermination of whole classes of people like vermin would make any "sense" But in an age like this of total war the bombing of Meccah would make sense only if done massively (nuclear) and during the hadj for ex. when one could expect a big body count. get the most bang for the buck.
War truly is hell and not a popularity contest. The sooner the west wakes up to the insidious threat from Islam the better it will be